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Prashant Lingam

 Social Entrepreneur

Prashant is a Social Entrepreneur from India with nearly 17 years of experience in social business. Since 2019, he is with UNDP India (Plastic Waste Management project).

Bamboo House India

He co-founded his social venture "Bamboo House India " in 2006 with a focus on building low-cost houses with bamboo and support rural and tribal livelihoods and bring bamboo as an alternate building material and to date has constructed close to 175 Bamboo houses, both engineered and non-engineered.


Recycled Plastic

Through his entrepreneurial innovation, he has developed low-cost recycled plastic shelters to give a second lease of life to plastic waste and to date has constructed over 100 low-cost recycled plastic shelters circulating nearly 10000 Tonnes of plastic waste into the mainstream.


Recycled Agri Waste

He also developed low-cost shelters using agricultural waste ensuring Agri waste is not burnt and is converted into shelters and to date has constructed 25 Agri waste houses and also innovated furniture with scrap Tyres, drums, bicycles and textile waste to develop micro-enterprise models.

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Featured Globally

His social business models have been adopted for classroom discussions by Harvard, Cornell, and Kellogg, with ISB, IDEX & ICFAI university doing a case study on our social business.

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TEDx Speaker

He is a TEDx speaker and speaker on the topics of social entrepreneurship, innovation, motivation, sustainability covering close to 500 speaking assignments to date at various national and international platforms.

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A few more recognitions

Green Entrepreneur of The Year Award​​

Pride of Telangana Award

Award for Innovations in Plastics

Social Entrepreneur of The Year Award

Small Enterprise of The Year Award

Social Business Leader of The Year Award

And more...

Prashant is currently co authoring his biography, exploring further studies and enjoying mentoring his bamboo organisation he founded in 2006 to explore other interests.

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